Guttering is one area of the home that many people forget about until they experience problems. Without proper maintenance, guttering becomes filled up with dirt and debris which can result in leaks, damp and other serious property damage. It might not seem important, but hiring a professional service will keep your property in good condition and damage-free.

Read on to learn about the top reasons for clearing your guttering.

Foundation damage
Guttering that’s poorly maintained will often become clogged up with debris, twigs and dirt which can stop water from running smoothly. Unfortunately, when this happens, especially during autumn and winter when rainfall increases, this can cause water to overflow and pool around the foundation of your home. Anything that makes your home’s foundation or structure vulnerable needs to be looked at by a professional.

Sometimes birds and other small creatures will set up nests in your guttering. When it’s not regularly cleaned this area of your property can look attractive to animals, however, this can cause a real nuisance for homeowners. Animal droppings, twigs, mud and other items will prevent your guttering from doing its job and creatures may find their way into your roof and cause damage there too. Always clear your gutters out as much as you can to stop this from happening.

If your gutter is unable to control the rainfall due to clogged pipes, it cannot direct the way water is flowing which means it could be creating areas of damp. When damp is left untreated it can create cracks in the walls and eventually this will cause crumbling and holes – all of which will affect the structural integrity of your property.

Broken guttering
By not clearing your guttering, the weight of the water and debris within the pipes will eventually be too much and cause the gutters to break completely. By simply getting your guttering cleared you can prevent something much bigger from occurring which could result in unnecessary damage and a large repair bill.

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